07/19/2010 09:11 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

City Official Making $800k Will Be Fired Or Resign

Robert Rizzo, the Bell City Manager who made headlines in recent weeks with the revelation of his $800k yearly salary, will resign or be fired in coming days according to the LA Times:

Teresa Jacobo said she expected city Chief Administrative Officer Robert Rizzo to lose his job at Monday's council meeting.

"Tonight we have a meeting where we will take drastic measures," she said. "Unfortunately, we had too much trust in people we felt were doing an excellent job."

She added: "Mr. Rizzo will have to go one way or another." Asked if Rizzo would resign, she said, "We hope."

Residents of Bell, one of the poorest cities in Southern California, were outraged at news of the salary, which is twice that of Barack Obama.