07/20/2010 10:16 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Oil Spill In Red Hook

BP can breath a sigh of relief; this is one oil spill that is not their fault.

Fifteen gallons of diesel oil leaked into Red Hook's Valentino Pier this Saturday, creating a terrible stench and killing starfish and other aquatic creatures, Gothamist reported.

According to New York Magazine, the oil stain stretched two miles long.

The spill's cleanup is well underway thanks to the Miller Environmental Group, but in the meantime, the Coast Guard recommends staying away from the water until "the cleanup is completed."

Nevertheless, the damage is irreparable for some Red Hook residents.

"For this to happen, it's devastating," Kiki Valentine, of Red Hook, told the Daily News. "We just had starfish and crabs last week, but now they're dead."