Infinity Pools PHOTOS: 14 Coolest Hotel Offerings (PICTURES, POLL)

07/20/2010 06:46 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

We're grown adults, but we admit that we're totally enamored with infinity pools. They're just so...pretty...and...endless.

But for some reason, lots of hotels and resorts don't have them (it may be due to their steep installation price tag). So, we toiled to find the coolest ones, the ones that made us say "Awesome" like a 4-year-old. After some searching, it seems that many of these beautiful creations are in tourist hotbeds like Greece and the Caribbean, with various stragglers in Asia.

Infinity pools have had their moment, perhaps, as the UK's Guardian is quick to point out, due to their dubious environmental impact.

Nevertheless, until we're told they're as bad as the Deep Horizon spill, we're going to enjoy them...or, enjoy looking at them.

Coolest Hotel Infinity Pools