07/21/2010 09:04 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Colbert's Animal Montage (VIDEO)

Entering the second half of The Colbert Report's two-week break, fans of the show may be experiencing heavy withdrawal symptoms, struggling to find the humor in the grim and boring news of the day, waiting for their satirical savior to return. Fortunately, the folks at have put together some montages highlighting Colbert's best environmental moments!

This clip reminds us of Stephen Colbert's deep affinity for animals. Colbert addresses his concern for wildlife inflicted by the Gulf oil spill with statements like, "82 billion dollars lost. God, it would be such a tragedy if any pelicans owned BP stock," and, "Is offshore drilling the solution to the oil shortage? It's definitely the solution to our whale surplus." We even get to revisit that epic moment when Colbert teamed up with Gulf critters to bring a serious beat-down to BP CEO Tony Hayward.

Beyond the oil spill, Colbert also touches upon shark's waning appetites for humans and using tasers on meth-addicted sheep.


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