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Hotel Horror Stories: 4 Of The Worst Experiences EVER

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We were all out having a good time one night, but my fiancé decided to head back to the room. Later, when I was walking back up the wooden staircase, I started seeing drops of blood periodically. Weird. So I followed the trail to the elevator and when the elevator door opened I saw a large pool of blood on the floor. It looked liked someone had been stabbed. I didn't want to get into the elevator, of course, so I walked up the stairwell. The trail started again on the third floor and led to another elevator, which also had a pool of blood in it. I was really afraid at this point, and ran back to the room to make sure my fiancé wasn't in trouble (he was fine). I told him that we had to go tell someone at the front desk that someone at the hotel was in big trouble.

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