Bret Easton Ellis On 'Imperial Bedrooms' And Why Sex Is The Ultimate Motivator (VIDEO)

07/23/2010 01:33 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bret Easton Ellis, author of "American Psycho," has a new book out this summer called "Imperial Bedrooms" -- a follow-up to his 1985 bestseller "Less Than Zero." On "Morning Joe" this morning, Easton Ellis talked about the differences between the two books.

"Less Than Zero" was first published when Easton Ellis was only 21, he said -- he had been working on it for a college class, and his teacher, Joe McGinniss, sent it to his agent and publisher. The book generated some mixed feelings, Easton Ellis said, but the younger editors in the publishing house championed it, while the "old school" editors said things like, "My God, if we publish a book like this, publishing is over." The book spread in popularity largely by word of mouth, and became a bestseller months after it was published.

"Imperial Bedrooms" deals with different issues than "Less Than Zero," as the protagonist has aged as much as Easton Ellis himself has. In "Imperial Bedrooms," the character uses success to get women to sleep with him -- a subject that sparked debate among the "Morning Joe" crew about whether or not sex drives all human decisions. "Isn't it the main motivating factor for everybody?" Easton Ellis asked.


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