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Chicago's BEST Hot Dogs: The Tastiest Wieners In The Windy City (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 07/23/10 06:54 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 06:10 PM ET

Chicago has the best hot dogs in the country. While we will argue aggressively over who has better pizza with New Yorkers, we generally don't go there when it comes to hot dogs. This is because Chicago hot dogs are better and it's a waste of our time to argue about it.

In any case, today is National Hot Dog Day, which means you should probably battle the elements and pick up a beefy, delicious Chicago staple. We rounded up our picks for the ten best hot dog joints in the city. Of course, we probably missed your favorite place. Let us know in the comments and vote on your fave out of our top ten:

Hot Dougs
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Yes, there is always a line. But there is a reason for that. The "Sausage Superstore and
Encased Meat Emporium" has beef franks, veggie dogs, brats and pretty much every other type of sausage you can think of. They do it up right, too.

Hot Dougs
3324 North California Ave., Chicago
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Might as well put ketchup on it.
Top dog.

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