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How To Green Your Period (PHOTOS)

Huffington Post     First Posted: 07/23/10 09:28 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 06:05 PM ET

Greening your period is a simple, eco-friendly and fun way to make an impact. In one lifetime, it is estimated that one woman can use as many as 16,800 tampons. The National Research Center for Women and Families estimates that 43 million women rely on tampons. There are 73 million women of menstruating age living in the United States. And each year, 20 billion pads and tampons are disposed into the nation's toilets, garbages and other sites. These feminine hygiene products then enter the nation's landfills, scatter across the coastlines and enter the oceans. We here at HuffPost Green decided to look into safer alternatives for that time of the month.

Check out our slideshow of products that can make the red in your life more green. And as always, we want to hear from you. What are your trusted green period products?

Tampons: Go Organic!
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Between the chemical pesticides and fertilizers used to farm cotton and the plastic applicators and plastic wrappings from most generic tampons that clog our landfills and end up on the coastlines of America and Canada, organic cotton tampons are a possible option for greening your period. Most conventional tampons are bleached with chlorine, a source of dioxin, so going organic limits exposure to the harmful chemical. That's crucial when we consider that the vaginal walls are the most absorbent tissue in the human body, so any hazardous chemicals filter directly into the blood stream.

Green, Period: Try Planet Green's suggestions for organic cotton, applicator-free tampons for some green tampon glory. Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Organic Cotton Tampons boast 100 percent certified organic cotton.

NatraCare uses biodegradable cardboard applicators or applicator free tampons and is free of rayon and other chemical additives like surfactants.

Maxim tampons are pesticide free and "fluff-pulp" free and use hydrogen peroxide to bleach the organic cotton. Maxim tampons are also compostable.
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