07/23/2010 04:37 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Lindsey Graham Blasts Jobs Bill, We 'Just Write Checks Without Ever Having To Give Anything Up'

Before Barack Obama had even signed the unemployment insurance extension into law, Sen. Lindsay Graham was already railing against renewing benefits for the long-term jobless, calling the bill "a missed opportunity" and a "miscalculation."

"We could have easily offset this if we'd shown the political will," he told HuffPost at the Capitol this week. "I think they're miscalculating where the public's at. Everybody understands that unemployed people need help but I think that everybody also understands, or most Americans understand, that we've got to stop the borrowing."

Graham claimed that "with just a little bit of effort" the $33 billion price tag on the unemployment insurance extension could have been offset. Republicans have long argued that the federal deficit can't bear the cost of reauthorizing unemployment benefits and that any reauthorized benefits must be offset by cuts to another part of the budget.

"People at home don't have this luxury," Graham said. "When they have a need, they have to give up something somewhere else. We seem to be able to just write checks without ever having to give anything up."

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