07/25/2010 06:07 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Invesco Field, Pepsi Center Concessions Both Have Had Fly Problems

An ESPN survey of the health inspection records of North American sports stadiums revealed a strange trend at Denver venues. Inspectors have found flies in liquor bottles at both Invesco Field and the Pepsi Center.

At Invesco Field, inspectors found fruit flies at the bottom of whiskey bottles. It the Pepsi Center, there were Phorid Flies, often called coffin flies, at the bottom of cognac containers.

ESPN found that 67% of vendors at Coors field had faced critical health violations from local inspectors, while 61% at Invesco and 62% at Coors field had critical violations.

In May, Portfolio surveyed 11 major league baseball stadiums and found Coors Field to have the cleanest record despite regulators' description of the kitchen as "unwholesome."

Both the ESPN and Portfolio surveys note that they could not account for the thoroughness of inspectors in various cities.