07/26/2010 03:55 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Abby Guerra & Marlena Cantu: Tragic Case Of Mistaken Identity SHOCKS Families (VIDEO)

The families of two young women are in shock after a tragic case of mistaken identity. Six days after a fatal car accident, one family learned their daughter was still alive while another family realized they were holding a bedside vigil over the wrong girl.

The family of Abby Guerra spent the last week mourning their daughter, even holding a car wash to raise money for her funeral expenses. Authorities told the Guerra family that Abby was killed at the scene of a car accident, but this past Saturday they learned there was a mix-up. Abby was alive and in critical condition at the local hospital, while the family of another passenger, Marlena Cantu, was standing over Abby's bedside thinking Abby was their daughter. In a tragic mix-up, it turns out that it was in fact Marlena, not Abby, who died at the scene.


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