07/26/2010 09:44 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Colbert On Tree-Hugging Hippies (VIDEO)

In case you've missed The Colbert Report while its been on summer break, here's another Colbert fix from

In this montage of clips, Stephen takes on one of his favorite targets: tree-hugging hippies.

Always one to poke fun at environmentalists, Colbert says, "Those planet-tonguers over at Greenpeace are building a replica of Noah's Ark to raise awareness about global warming. For a bunch of environmentalists, they're sure cutting down a lot of trees." Deducing the real conspiracy behind the sinister plot, he continues, "These hippies are clearly planning to flood the earth, blame us for it, and use their ark to save themselves. Then they'll take whatever land is leftover and tie-dye it."

From Woodstock to freeganism, Colbert leaves no stone unturned, or more appropriately, flower left unpicked. He even takes on organic food: "I've always been against organic foods. If I wanted to ingest something a hippie picked, I would eat an autoharp."

Despite all the jests, even Colbert is an environmentalist at heart: "I celebrate Earth Day because it's America's planet."


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