07/26/2010 12:57 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Kate Snow Anchoring First Full 'Dateline' Hour Monday

In her first hour-long NBC "Dateline" special, Kate Snow will report Monday night on the harrowing disappearance of 7-year-old Kyron Horman.

In a phone interview with the Huffington Post Friday, Snow discussed her experience reporting the story, which she called "enormously moving."

Kyron, who lives in Portland, Oregon with his father Kaine Horman and now-estranged stepmother Terri Horman, has been missing since June 4th. He was last seen at his elementary school, where Terri Horman dropped him off, Snow said.

Kyron's sudden disappearance has rocked the Portland community, where "everybody knows everybody," Snow said.

Snow appeared on "The Today Show" Monday morning to raise awareness about Kyron's ongoing case.


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"We've all seen the picture of Kyron standing in front of his science project — it was on the red-eyed tree frog," Snow said. "He's missing some of his teeth — the toothfairy came not too long ago, his parents told me — and he's wearing glasses. He wears them every day — he's nearsighted."

"Everyone wants him to come home," she said. "Someone knows something. Someone is not speaking up."

Over the course of the past month, Snow sat down several times with Kyron's biological mother Desiree Young and her husband Tony Young, as well as with Kaine Horman.

Snow said that during the first interview with Kaine Horman and Desiree Young, which took place about four weeks after Kyron went missing, she was impressed by how well-put-together Kyron's parents were.

"At that point, they had moved beyond sadness and crying," Snow said. "Now they were angry. They were determined, dead-set on figuring out what happened."

Snow also spoke with Tony Young, an interview she found particularly illuminating because of Tony's experience as a professional police detective.

"He shared not only his feelings as a stepfather. He's a police detective in Medford, Oregon, which gives him a really unique perspective," she said.

Snow said Tony noticed suspicious behavior from Terri Horman, Kyron's stepmother, immediately after he went missing. Snow said that although he reserved judgment at the time, he was struck by Terri's expressed desire to avoid the spotlight inherent in a missing person's case, as well as her reluctance to cooperate with investigators.

As the case has worn on over the past seven weeks, Snow said that some of Terri's "dirty laundry" is coming to light. Several months before Kyron's disappearance, Terri allegedly tried to hire a landscaper to murder Kaine. The botched plot surfaced only recently during the search for Korman, Snow said, prompting Kaine to serve Terri with divorce papers and a restraining order.

Snow said that Kaine Horman and Desiree and Tony Young all believe that Terri "knows something" about Kyron's disappearance, and have repeatedly begged her to come forward and "do what is right."

The special is one of Snow's first major projects since moving from ABC to NBC on May 10th. She said that her experience thus far at NBC has been "wonderful," and she has enjoyed the challenge of working on longer and more in-depth stories, such as the month-long investigation into Kyron Horman's case.

Snow has also covered the Gulf oil spill for NBC, exploring, in part, how Croatian-American oyster farmers have been affected by the disaster. She is scheduled to travel back to the Gulf this week for a second visit.

But for now, Snow is hoping that "Dateline Monday" might prompt anyone who has information about Kyron to come forward.

"What I personally care about is that somebody finds this little boy," she said.