MSC Cruise Passenger Killed When Gangway COLLAPSES

07/26/2010 08:11 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A 65-year old Spanish woman named Maria Mercedes Bonastre was killed on Saturday as she boarded her cruise in Genoa, Italy, the Daily Mail reports.

The woman was walking the gangway to MSC Cruises' Splendida for a week-long Mediterranean journey when the metal gangway collapsed below her and fell more than 30 feet into the sea, taking her and passenger Fausto Del Charro Arraza (reportedly her husband) with it. It seems the husband may have escaped with severe head injuries.

The Daily Mail reports that dozens of other passengers watched in horror, and crew members and dock workers jumped into the water in an attempt to rescue Bonastre, who was declared dead on the scene.