07/27/2010 07:50 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Lindsay Lohan's Favorite Beach Bum Tanning Salon Holds 'Free Lindsay' Rally In NYC (PHOTOS)

You know, nearly everyone has missed Lindsay Lohan during her stay in the slammer, including where she fake 'n' bakes. According to a press release, Beach Bum Tanning Salon at 239 7th Avenue in NYC is holding a "Free Lindsay" rally at noon on Tuesday including a ribbon-tying ceremony and signs that read "We love you Lindsay! Come home soon." From the release:

Lindsay Lohan is one of Beach Bum's most loyal clients, with her entire family regularly visiting the salons. The salon hopes its campaign will draw awareness to the harsh punishment inflicted on Lohan due to her celebrity status and that she will be released from jail before her 90 day sentence reaches completion. [...] The owners of Beach Bum miss seeing her at the salon and hope for her speedy return.

The folks at Crushable confirmed this is a real event and that Beach Bum is expecting 40 to 70 people to attend.

UPDATE: The rally did indeed take place. Check out some pics of the scene.