Dr. James Hall Letter Found: Lake Michigan Plane Crash Victim Penned Farewell Before Friday's Tragedy

07/28/2010 05:49 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

When a propeller plane carrying five people crashed on Friday in Lake Michigan, killing three people, the FAA started a search for the missing. But they didn't expect to find a letter written by one of the people on-board amidst the wreckage, according to ABC News.

Dr. James Hall, one of the passengers, had written a note before the plane crashed and stuck it into a waterproof medical bag, hoping, presumably, it would be found.

"Dear All," read the note. "We love you. We lost power over the middle [of] Lake Michigan and turning back. We are praying to God that all [will] be taken care of. We love you. Jim," read the note released by his wife, Ann Hall to the Morning Sun, a Michigan newspaper.

Hall was accompanying a cancer patient who was a friend to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Also presumed dead are the patient's wife and the plane's co-pilot. Amazingly, the plane's other pilot survived the crash and was rescued several miles off of the Michigan coast.

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