How To Apply The Strategies From Episode 1 Of 'Breakthrough' To YOUR Life (VIDEO)

07/28/2010 02:03 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Tuesday night, July 27th's premier of "Breakthrough" with Tony Robbins told the story of Frank and Kristen Alioto, a couple who suffered an extreme tragedy when the groom jumped into a swimming pool on his wedding night and instantly became a paraplegic. With Tony Robbins's help, the the Aliotos are able to reclaim their life and their marriage.

In this episode, Robbins explains the four core steps he took Frank and Kristen through to help them achieve their 'Breakthrough'. These same strategies can be applied to the challenges in your own life, today.

Step One: Identify where you live, emotionally.

Step Two: Identify the solution. What's the antidote? What's the emotional pattern that it would change the game if you lived it?

Step Three: Practice that emotion. Understand emotion is created by motion -- by the way you use your body.

Step Four: Condition it. Deliberately, physically make the emotional switch, and do this three or four times a day for three days to a week. You'll start to get a pattern in your body. A new pattern means a new life.

WATCH: Behind the Scenes of 'Breakthrough':

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