07/28/2010 05:19 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Obama, Pelosi Painted As Tyrants In New RGA Ad

The Republican Governors Association may love grainy footage and homages to "V for Vendetta," but they don't like the Democrats currently in power.

In April, they unveiled a Guy Fawkes-themed message, "Remember November." In their latest ad along those lines, President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D- Calif.) are once again shown ominously among a montage of economic horrors and angry people.

The implied message is that the White House and Congress are going against the will of the American people in trying to "dictat[e] how we are supposed to live our lives," "eliminat[e] our freedoms," and "[bind] our children and grandchildren to lives buried in debt," despite tea party members and conservatives saying otherwise.

The only hope, the ad says, is "the individual citizen"; something the Republicans will bring in November.

"Join us," the RGA concludes, "as America once again triumphs."

WATCH the Republican Governors Association's new ad:

14 Weeks from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.