07/29/2010 08:03 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tony Morales, Delta Passenger, Films Inside Grounded Plane (VIDEO)

A sweating passenger filmed himself on a Delta flight in Phoenix as the temperature inside his grounded plane reached over 100 degrees, according to Inside Edition.

The passenger, Tony Morales, says in the video that there was only one flight attendant handing out water as the flight sat on the tarmac in Phoenix for over three hours.

Morales grabbed his cell phone and filmed himself on the plane and then posted it to YouTube.

"I was just miserable and I wanted to share that," Morales told INSIDE EDITION.

He says passengers were told the air conditioning couldn't be turned on because there was a problem with the engine. Passengers weren't allowed to leave the plane as mechanics tried to fix it.

Delta Airlines told INSIDE EDITION, "There was an issue. It's hot in Phoenix. We've reached out to this customer to offer our apologies." WATCH: