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Gisele's Colcci Campaign: Gorgeous Or Just Greasy? (PHOTOS, POLL)

First Posted: 07/30/2010 2:29 pm   Updated: 05/25/2011 5:15 pm

Not everyone is a fan of Gisele Bundchen's newest Colcci campaign. As The Cut points out, "Normally, Gisele and body grease are a stellar combination, but the style feels off here. But maybe it's just that Gisele's skin looks blue and she's making a duck face?" The folks at Made in Brazil wrote, "Most of the spring ad campaigns in Brazil haven't been unveiled yet, but this one sure is a strong contestant for lack of concept and beauty artist on crack (who in their right mind would throw a bucket of baby oil on Gisele's head?). When even Gisele looks uninteresting in a picture, you know there is a massive problem with it."

We've put together two images from Gisele's new ad campaign and a few pics from her walking in Colcci's recent show. Take a look and tell us what you think.

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Filed by Hilary Moss  |