07/30/2010 01:09 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jan Brewer: Arizona Immigration Law May Not Boost Border Security (VIDEO)

Republican Gov. Jan Brewer says that the enforcement of Arizona's controversial new immigration law may not help to increase security along the state's border with Mexico.

Brewer was asked about what results she expects to see from the measure's implementation on Thursday in an appearance on CNN's "John King USA."

"You know, I'm not quite sure about that," she responded when presented with the question of whether the new law will boost border security.

"I think -- well, not along the border," explained the Arizona Governor. "I think it would help in telling people that it is illegal to come into the state of Arizona, which it already is, but it's just not being enforced. And so if they use it, the states themselves were going to enforce it, that certainly would maybe give people pause before they came running and crossed the border."

According to Brewer, her state's new immigration law is just another "tool" at the disposal of law enforcement officials to address the issue of illegal immigration in her state.

"The people of America are on our side," she said earlier this week in an appearance on Fox News. "It's unfortunate that it takes a little city or a little state like Arizona to fight the United States federal government, but that's what we're up to."


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