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Joslyn James: Rachel Uchitel Is 'An Embarrassment'

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Joslyn James, the porn star who claims to have carried on a torrid affair with Tiger Woods, is continuing to shadow her alleged ex-lover as he golfs throughout the country by staging a series of strip shows. In addition to removing her clothes, James has also continued her feud with fellow alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel

Uchitel's decision to appear on "Celebrity Rehab" is "an embarrassment," James tells the Palm Beach Post. She continued, "Now we know what her real motivation (in dating Woods) was."

In May, James gave the curvy New Yorker (and Las Vegas resident) a strange nickname after firing her initial volleys at Uchitel.

In February, James said that Woods twice impregnated her. One month later, she published a laundry list of extremely graphic text messages that she says Woods sent to her during their affair. She also claims to have been sexually harrassed after one of her strip club appearances in April.

For more about her strip routine -- including photos of her in a green jacket resembling those at the Masters -- see the Palm Beach Post's article.

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