07/30/2010 08:22 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

LA's Losers Of The Week, July 30

A weekly round-up of LA's biggest losers, click here to see the winners.

Oliver Stone: Hard to imagine what Stone was thinking during his interview with London's Sunday Times in which he condemned "Jewish domination of the media" for the bad wrap Hitler has gotten over the years. He did give perennial LA loser Mel Gibson a week off our list, however.

Robert Rizzo: The story of Bell's $800,000 man went from local outrage to national firestorm this week, as seen in this clip from MSNBC's Countdown. You can be certain many more casualties of this scandal will grace this list in coming weeks.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Lane Kiffin: Not an ideal start for the new USC coach, getting sued by the Tennessee Titans after signing their running back coach Kennedy Pola. Kiffin's theory that the Titans were motivated by their proximity to his former employer, the University of Tennessee (which incidentally would like Kiffin's head on a pike), is not likely to stand up in court. According to the AP, Titans coach Jeff Fisher isn't buying it either:

Fisher is baffled at the idea that the Titans sued to pacify Volunteers fans. He says: "How one could think they would combine the two is absurd to me."

Steve McPherson: Amid rampant speculation in Hollywood regarding Steve McPherson's sudden resignation from ABC emerged reports that the former executive was under internal investigation for sexual harassment. McPherson has hired "pit bull litigator" Marty Singer to fight the charges.