LA's Winners Of The Week, July 30

07/30/2010 07:27 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I have a feeling I know where this one is going, but for your consideration, I present to you the week's winners: To see the losers, click here.

Ryan Kavanaugh: Exactly a week after the LA Times declared Kavanaugh the newest studio mogul following Relativity Media's acquisition of Overture Films, he raises the ante with news of a venture with Virgin's Richard Branson for TV development, packaging and production.

Barbara Boxer's Hair: Polls in the California Senate race between Barbara Boxer and Carly Fiorina remain tight, but the news that sent shockwaves from Sacramento to the Beltway this week: voters prefer Boxer's hairstyle by a five point margin. However, with a whopping 67% undecided, it is still anybody's race to win.

Christina Hendricks: There are many things the stunning Ms. Hendricks could, and arguably should, have said in response to this trainwreck of an interview, but the "Mad Men" star maintained her decorum and handled it like a pro. Oh yeah, she's also nominated for an Emmy. Oh, what am I doing; you've already voted for her.

Rick Norsigian: Norsigian stumbled upon some negatives in 2000 that he purchased for $45. This week they were authenticated as the work of Ansel Adams, though Adams' family would beg to differ. Their estimated value? A cool $200 million. I tried to do the math on this and failed, though I suspect Norsigian got a better return on his investment than I will from the Dwight Gooden painting I bought at a yard sale.