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Funky Mustard, Blueberry, And Braised Pork: Ridiculous Pringles Flavors From Around The Globe (PHOTOS)

Huffington Post     First Posted: 08/02/10 09:23 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 06:15 PM ET

Sour cream and onion, barbecue, cheddar cheese... These are the flavors of Pringles we're familiar with. But did you know everyone's favorite potato-chip-but-not-quite also comes in numerous eccentric flavors you've probably never heard of? Yes, in other countries (Japan being the biggest culprit) you can get Pringles in flavors like garlic seafood, blueberry-hazelnut, Philly cheesesteak, and even braised pork. Which would you eat and which have you gagging at first sight? Take look and vote for the most ridiculous!

Garlic Seafood Flavor
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Shrimp scampi on a Pringle anyone? (Via Cavalcade of Awesome)
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This Pringles Flavor
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