08/02/2010 09:57 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mom Refuses To Bail Out Teen Son Accused Of Car Theft, Says He Is 'Spoiled'

On Saturday, 17-year-old Ravontay Hutchins allegedly stole a pizza delivery driver's car outside of a restaurant in Little Italy. The teen was caught by police shortly after, and now he's off to jail--since his mom wouldn't bail him out.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Hutchins and a 14-year-old accomplice stole the car Saturday night from 1531 W. Taylor St. They ran from the vehicle on foot when police caught up to them and were taken into custody.

In bond court on Sunday, Judge Peggy Chiampas set Hutchins' bail at $25,000, and the teen's mother said she had the money to bail him out--but wouldn't. The Sun-Times reports:

At a hearing Sunday in Cook County Criminal Court, Hutchins' mother told Judge Peggy Chiampas that Hutchins' father was serving with the military in Iraq and that she'd done everything she could for the boy, who was "spoiled."

"I want to know why there's not more parents like this," Judge Chiampas said. "I applaud her for her truthfulness."

As the teen was led back to a cell, his mom told him: "You think about that, while your dad's in Iraq."