08/02/2010 02:38 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Mysterious Saga Of The RNC's On Again, Off Again Andrew Breitbart Fundraiser

The Republican National Committee has reportedly postponed plans to hold a fundraising event later this month featuring firebrand conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart.

Originally scheduled to take place from August 12-14 in Beverly Hills, Calif., the fundraiser -- dubbed "Election Countdown" -- is now said to be pushed back until after Labor Day.

The RNC signaled that Breitbart would still be welcome at the event.

"I don't know Andrew Breitbart's schedule for after Labor Day, but he certainly will be invited," RNC Communications Director Doug Heye said, according to the Washington Times. "We are working on scheduling and fully plan to have another event scheduled soon, based on our existing trips to California that will capitalize on the fall fundraising season that happens post-Labor Day."

Last week, reports of plans for the RNC to spotlight Breitbart raised eyebrows. The news came on the heels of Breitbart's involvement in the controversy surrounding the ciruclation of misleading video clip of then-USDA official Shirley Sherrod speaking on the subject of race. Breitbart said the footage exposed racism within the organization, which earlier accused the Tea Party movement with maintaining racial elements.