Basil Marceaux, Tennessee Gubernatorial Candidate, Talks Forced Gun Ownership With Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

08/03/2010 11:27 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Nick Wing Senior Viral Editor, The Huffington Post

Internet sensation -- and Tennessee Republican gubernatorial candidate! -- Basil Marceaux(.com) made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night to shed a little light on some key aspects of his campaign platform that remained muddled despite his attempt to explain them, as well as multiple efforts to decipher his official website.

During his conversation with Jimmy Kimmel, Basil Marceaux -- who apparently had been recently injured in a tragic sausage-making incident -- discussed his revolutionary position on forced 2nd Amendment rights.

"After reading the Constitution, it says 'we have rights to bear arms against our government,'" Marceaux explained. "If [people] didn't have [a gun] they couldn't represent themselves to protect themselves against the government, so, I'll probably fine them $10 dollars if they don't."

"You would fine them?" Kimmel asked.

"I would have these little investigators out in the street with no power and say 'hey get 'em to show me your gun' if they don't have one, I'm gonna fine them 10 bucks," Marceaux explained.

Marceaux later illuminated his stance on capital punishment, saying that if troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan were to murder someone, "he'd have no choice" but to kill her.

Pressed by Kimmel to explain his website's proposal to grant immunity from the law to people who voted for him, Marceaux embarked on a long-winded, bumbling explanation based on "the Supreme Court," "the Civil Rights Act of 1856" and a "Freedmen Bureau Agent."

"I'm not sure I get that," Kimmel admitted.

After a bit more floundering, Kimmel finally asked Marceaux if he'd ever consider running for governor in California if his campaign in Tennessee ended unsuccessfully.

"I'll be a governor any state as long as I can fix it," Marceaux answered.

Watch Basil Marceaux On Jimmy Kimmel Live: