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BlackBerry Torch 9800: Tour The New Features Added By RIM (PHOTOS, VIDEO, POLL)

First Posted: 08/03/10 02:09 PM ET   Updated: 06/01/11 06:26 PM ET

The BlackBerry Torch, also known as the BlackBerry 9800 slider, was unveiled today in New York by RIM.

The new BlackBerry will compete with the iPhone with touchscreen functionality and a keyboard that slides out of the phone. It will be running the newest BlackBerry operating system, BlackBerry 6.

There are many other features RIM is touting with the new product that can be viewed below.

The phone will be released August 12 on AT&T and will cost $199 after a two-year contract with AT&T.

You can sign up for an email alert for when it is available for sale here.

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WATCH the BlackBerry Torch launch video below:


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