08/04/2010 03:14 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Camp Bow Wow's 'On Our Way Home Project' Provides Much Needed Aid For Animal Shelters

Pet services company Camp Bow Wow has just announced their On Our Way Home Project, which will aid in the improvement of current animal shelter facilities across the nation. Camp Bow Wow's program will offer free consulting and market guidance for shelter owners, as well as aid in the remodeling of run-down shelters. One lucky shelter in desperate need of renovations will get a complete makeover by the group.

The On Our Way Home Project will work with shelter staff to improve techniques for pet interaction and socialization. Ultimately, they want abandoned pets to be as adoptable as they can to prevent possible euthanization.

Animal shelters have been known as a high stress environment for animals, with recent reports showing a desperate need for adoption, especially in the Gulf region. Many times shelters are overrun, leaving animals with limited opportunity for exercise and social interaction.

Camp Bow Wow's Foundation will partner with two rescue organizations to help in their efforts: the Longmont Humane Society and the Humane Society of the S. Platter Valley. Both will provide shelter staff with free professional skills needed to enrich the lives of shelter animals both physically and mentally.

Donate to the On Our Way Home Project or learn how you can nominate a shelter for an extreme makeover.