Obama's Favorite Chicago Restaurants: Where The President Might Be Eating In Chicago (PHOTOS, POLL)

08/04/2010 01:56 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It is President Obama's 49th birthday today, and after an eventful day in D.C., he will head to Chicago and spend the evening celebrating.

Chicago Sun-Times reporter Lynn Sweet has heard that he'll be dining with friends (possibly including Valerie Jarrett), and that he plans to eat "at a Chicago restaurant he's been to before."

That got us speculating: where will Obama have this birthday get-together? One of his favorite classy joints downtown? A soul-food staple in Austin? Maybe, a little closer to home, pizza in Hyde Park?

Take a look at the options we've come up with, based on a strategic analysis of the President's favorite spots. Then scroll down to vote on which one you think he'll choose, or tell us your guess that didn't make the list.

Obama's Favorite Chicago Restaurants: Eight Places To Eat Like The President