08/05/2010 01:52 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bill Ayers To Retire From University Of Illinois At Chicago

After 20 years of teaching at the University of Illinois at Chicago, former Weather Underground member William Ayers is getting ready to retire.

The Chicago Tribune reports that UIC Education Dean Vicki Chou confirmed that the retirement will be official within the next couple of weeks.

While UIC has received some negative attention due to Ayers teaching there, Chou told the Tribune his retirement has nothing to do with that.

"It will be more than a ripple because he's made a significant mark here," Chou told the Tribune. "He's been really a very good colleague here. He has hundreds of students who really cherish that they've had the experience of being taught by him."

In April, the University of Wyoming attempted to ban Ayers from speaking on campus after an alleged threat. Ayers and a student then sued the school, and a judge ruled in his favor.