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15 Best Artificial Beaches In The World (PHOTOS, POLL)

First Posted: 08/09/10 09:01 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 06:15 PM ET

Unfortunately, not everyone can have the luxury of experiencing a day at the beach. But for those bound in some remote, landlocked location there's hope! If you can't go to the beach, then you'll just have to have the beach brought to you. These man-made coasts are some of the most expensive beach get-aways you'll find. So here they are, our top 15, an admittedly synthetic alternative to the real thing, but better than no beach at all. (Add your choices to the slideshow!)

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Best Artificial Beaches
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Spree River, Berlin
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People swim in the pool and lay out on the beach setup on the River Spree in the German capital.
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