08/09/2010 03:16 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Baby Sloth Rescue: Costa Rica Sanctuary Cares For Sloths (VIDEO)

Get ready for an overload of cuteness! Our friends at VBS.TV bring us this adorable video from the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica.

Claire Trimer, who calls herself a baby sloth wrangler, says the Sanctuary is home to around 135 sloths. Trimer cares for the infant animals, and discusses how some of the baby sloths are orphans who have lost their mothers.

Unfortunately, rapidly expanding human development has threatened the lives of sloths, and the Sloth Sanctuary's website says they are not only endangered from habitat loss, but from power-line electrocution, traffic accidents, hunting, and even senseless violence.

The Sloth Sanctuary not only raises orphaned sloths and rehabilitates injured ones, but also has an education division to help teach children how to appreciate the creatures and their fragile ecosystem.

Visit the Sloth Sanctuary's website at to find out how you can donate or volunteer to help.

UPDATE: The video was created by Lucy Cooke, who is producing a one hour special on the sanctuary for 'Animal Planet'. Check out her blog HERE and more of her videos HERE.