08/10/2010 12:31 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Colorado Primary Results: Breaking News On Colorado's Senate And Gubernatorial Primaries


UPDATE (7:45): The Denver Post is calling the Democratic Senate primary for Michael Bennet.

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UPDATE (7:22): With 56% reporting, Michael Bennet leads Andrew Romanoff 54%-46%. Ken Buck leads Jane Norton 51%-49% with 56% reporting.

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UPDATE (7:10): With 14% of precincts reporting, Andrew Romanoff is beating Michael Bennet 51%-49%. On the Republican side, Jane Norton leads Ken Buck 54% to 45% with 9% reporting.

In the Republican Gubernatorial primary, Scott McInnis leads Dan Maes 51% to 49% with 7% reporting.

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UPDATE (1:23 PM): As of noon on Tuesday, 36% of Democratic ballots had been turned in, while 40% of Republicans have turned in their votes.

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Update (10:57 AM): Public Policy Polling (PPP) has released the second part a survey the polling service conducted over the weekend. The survey shows tight general election races all around, regardless of the Democratic or Republican nominees. According to PPP, incumbent Michael Bennet has a 46-43 lead over Ken Buck in a hypothetical general election, and a 46-40 lead over Jane Norton. Andrew Romanoff, meanwhile, would start out a general election trailing Norton 43-42, and beating Buck 43-42.

As PPP point out, only Illinois has Senate candidates with approval ratings as low as Colorado's. Of the four potential nominees, Romanoff has the highest approval rating at 35%, with 37% disapproving.

The poll has a 3.1% margin for error.

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With the most recent public polling indicating each of Colorado's three major statewide races is too close to call, Tuesday's Colorado primaries will be decided largely on voter turnout.

In the Democratic Senate primary, where--depending on which poll you look at--challenger Andrew Romanoff is either up by three or losing by 6, both candidates are focusing on conservative El Paso County as a key battleground.

Most observers believe that, with hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots already turned in, a high turnout on Tuesday will benefit incumbent Michael Bennet, who has greater name ID and holds a lead among senior citizens.

On the Republican side, the latest polling shows Jane Norton--once considered a shoe-in for the nomination--surging after falling behind dramatically earlier in the summer. The latest polling shows her either up by two or down by 9. Norton's surge follows a series of off-color statements by her opponent, tea party-backed Ken Buck. Her campaign has jumped aggressively on Buck's gaffes.

Polling has consistently shown Buck to be the favorite of self-described conservative voters. High turnout again figures to benefit Norton, a former lieutenant governor who enjoys greater name recognition than Buck, the Weld County DA.

The Republican gubernatorial primary pits two flawed candidates, former congressman Scott McInnis and businessman Dan Maes. McInnis was considered the clear favorite before becoming embroiled in a plagiarism scandal. Maes has been fined for improper use of campaign funds. Polling shows the race to be a dead heat, although either candidate will face tremendous pressure to drop out of the race if elected.

Former Republican Tom Tancredo is also running on the American Constitution Party ticket. His presence will make it nearly impossible for a Republican to defeat the Democratic nominee, John Hickenlooper.