Melancon Tacks Positive In New Ad: 'I'm A Pro-Life, Pro-Gun Louisiana Democrat' (VIDEO)

08/11/2010 01:29 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

In the Louisiana Senate race, Democrats have largely focused their attention on incumbent Senator David Vitter's (R-Louis.) checkered past. The Louisiana Democrats reminded everyone of that time Vitter was revealed to be an enthusiastic client of whores with an ad that leaned heavily on a teasing crotch shot.

Later, the campaign of Democratic contender Charlie Melancon stepped in to deliver two rather dark and serious ads playing up the fact that Vitter allowed an aide named Brent Furer to remain on his staff long after he became aware that Furer assaulted a girlfriend with a knife. Furer, for reasons that boggle the mind, was on Vitter's staff as a legislative assistant dealing with "women's issues." Vitter subsequently lied about that, and the Melancon campaign hit him again.

Vitter's sundry scandals make him an ever-ripe target for attacks. But what's been missing from the mix are any sort of positive ads attesting to Melancon's virtues. But a new ad seems to signal a shift. Featuring Melancon himself, it continues to harp on Vitter's failings, but it more formally focuses on Melancon's appeal as a conservative Democrat.

"I'm a pro-life, pro-gun Louisiana Democrat," he says, adding, "When it comes to fixing this economy and protecting your family, I'll work with anyone." Except for Brent Furer, I hope!


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