Foul Ball Couple Split -- But Why? (VIDEO)

08/12/2010 11:01 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The couple made famous after an Astros fan let a foul ball hit his girlfriend has broken up already. Bo Wyble and Sara Saco-Vertiz split -- but the cause of the breakup is still unknown.

The couple appeared on "The Early Show" Thursday morning and said they weren't even sitting in their seats at the Houston Astros game when the incident occurred on Monday night. Saco-Vertiz told CBS that she wasn't badly hurt after Wyble let a foul ball off the bat of Astros third baseman Chris Johnson hit her on the elbow.

At the end of the interview, co-anchor Harry Smith asked about their relationship status. Although making clear that the two had parted ways, the female fan was vague: "Alright. Well, I mean it's not over because of the ball," Saco-Vertiz said. Smith cut her off before she could elaborate.

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