08/16/2010 11:33 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Conservative Group Americans For Prosperity Launches $4.1-Million Anti-Stimulus Campaign

Conservative advocacy group Americans for Prosperity is in the midst of rolling out a $4.1-million targeted ad campaign designed to paint the stimulus as a "wasteful" project that only helped proliferate "pork-barrel projects all across the country."

The spot will run in 11 states containing 24 highly competitive congressional races, 23 of which are controlled by Democrats.

"This is the biggest ad buy I am aware of this summer," Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, told Michael Memoli of theChicago Tribune report. "We say, 'Viewer beware.' These are sponsored by people who support the Bush economic agenda.... They are running these ads on behalf of GOP candidates who want to return to the Bush agenda and support efforts to export American jobs."

Americans for Prosperity promised to embark on a massive membership drive last week after President Obama implied at a DNC apperance in Austin, Texas that advocacy groups such as theirs could be controlled by foreign interests and -- thanks to a recent Supreme Court Citizens United ruling -- still be influencing local elections in shadowy ways.

The conservative group and its billionaire founder David Koch are both American.

Here's a full list of targeted congressional districts from the Chicago Tribune's blog. The ad is below:

District - Incumbent
Arkansas 01 - Berry (D)*
Arkansas 02 - Snyder (D)*

Indiana 08 - Ellsworth (D)**
Indiana 09 - Hill (D)

Michigan 01 - Stupak (D)*
Michigan 07 - Schauer (D)

Missouri 04 - Skelton (D)

North Dakota AL - Pomeroy (D)

Ohio 01 - Driehaus (D)
Ohio 15 - Kilroy (D)
Ohio 16 - Boccieri (D)
Ohio 18 - Space (D)

Pennsylvania 03 - Dahlkemper (D)
Pennsylvania 06 - Gerlach (R)
Pennsylvania 07 - Sestak (D)**
Pennsylvania 10 - Carney (D)
Pennsylvania 11 - Kanjorski (D)

South Carolina 05 - Spratt (D)

Tennessee 08 - Tanner (D)*

Virginia 02 - Nye (D)
Virginia 05 - Perriello (D)
Virginia 09 - Boucher (D)

Wisconsin 07 - Obey (D)*
Wisconsin 08 - Kagen (D)

*Incumbent not seeking re-election
**Incumbent running for Senate

Watch the ad:

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