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Baby Ligers: Lion And Tiger Hybrids Born In Taiwan, Zoo May Face Fines For Crossbreeding Protected Species (VIDEO)

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ITN News reports from Taiwan, where a male lion and female tigress have produced rare offspring.

Only two of the cubs survived -- known as ligers -- and are being hand reared by zoo staff, as they have been rejected by their mother. The private zoo where they were born says that the lion and tigress have been mating for three years, though no pregnancy has ever resulted. The animals have lived together since becoming comfortable around each other at a young age.

While the zoo insists the crossbreeding was unintentional, if authorities in Taiwan discover otherwise, the zoo may face fines for mixing rare and protected species.


What do you think about the baby ligers?

1) What do you think about the baby ligers? *
I think the zoo did on purpose for the attention.
It's probably an accident. A cute accident!

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