10/15/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Blog Watch> Francis Alys: A Story of Deception On Daily Serving (VIDEO)

A Story of Deception is the title of Francis Alys' current retrospective on view at the Tate Modern. The title of the exhibition, which spans the artist's two-decade long career is borrowed from a work of the same name, and appropriately provides the exhibition's subtitle and introduces the gallery visitor to Alys' work. The 16 mm film, A Story of Deception, captures a mesmerizing and unobtainable mirage on the horizon. The camera centers itself on a road, halved by a dotted white line and follows it across an arid Patagonian landscape. The film's imagery and intent are oblique and deceptively simple -- allowing a variety of creative, metaphorical interpretations. The road can be read as representative of a border and the unobtainable mirage as the often out-of-reach goal of border crossing.


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