08/16/2010 04:34 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'Freakonomics' Documentary Gets iTunes Only Release For Now. Smart? (VIDEO)

The film version of the massive bestseller "Freakonomics" is coming to
the big screen--after it comes to the computer screen.

In a move that is consistent with the source material's quirkiness,
Magnolia Pictures will release the "Freakonomics" adaptation
exclusively on iTunes on September 3rd, and then in theaters on
October 1st.

The film itself is four-documentaries-in-one, with documentary
heavyweights like Morgan Spurlock and the maker of "The King of Kong:
A Fistful of Quarters" each tackling a different subject. The topics,
taken from the book, include cheating in the world of sumo wrestling
and whether names given at birth are a major determinant of success in
life. The only segment not adapted from the source material is about
whether financial rewards (read: bribes) can improve the academic
performance of high schoolers.

The book, which has been published in thirty-five languages, uses case
studies to illustrate how economics, at its most fundamental level, is
about incentives.

What do you think? Is releasing on iTunes first a bold strategy that other movies should
mimic or is the traditional release model too effective to be