Can You Think Of A BETTER Name For The Obama Administration's 'Recovery Summer'?

08/16/2010 03:24 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

In June, the Obama administration declared the start of the "Recovery Summer." Two months later, this cheery bit of political sloganeering to rings more than a bit false.

The administration's Recovery Summer pitch was aimed at winning support for its stimulus package, and the achievements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment act, passed in February of 2009. Speaking to Politico, Chief White House adviser David Axelrod seemed positively sunny about the summer's outlook:

"This summer will be the most active Recovery Act season yet, with thousands of highly-visible road, bridge, water and other infrastructure projects breaking ground across the country, giving the American people a first-hand look at the Recovery Act in their own backyards and making it crystal clear what the cost would have been of doing nothing."

Without getting into the specifics of the stimulus, its size or whether another full-fledged Recovery Act is needed to jump start the economy, we at HuffPost Business thought the "Recovery Summer" could very well use a more appropriate name. Whether it's persistent unemployment, rising odds of a double dip recession or Congressional dithering on jobless benefits, we're sure HuffPost readers can think of a more apt -- and less euphemistic -- term to describe the last few months.

Submit your ideas below -- and be creative! We'll feature the best suggestions in a future story.