Colbert: America 'The Straight Meat In A Big, Gay Sandwich' (VIDEO)

08/17/2010 10:18 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Katla McGlynn Senior Comedy & Viral Editor, The Huffington Post

With Mexico recently ordering all of its 31 states to recognize gay marriages conducted in Mexico City, Colbert has a whole new set of fears in regard to gay rights and immigration: gay drain.

In a segment called "Invasion Of The Country Snatchers," Colbert laid out his concerns about the "invasion" of our country by immigrants, saying "this land has not seen this big a foreign invasion since the MayFlower."

However, Colbert admitted he's more concerned about our own gay citizens fleeing to Mexico or Canada where gay marriage is legal. Colbert said this makes America "the straight meat in a big, gay sandwich."

It may surprise you that Colbert is worried that if America bans gay marriage, it will soon cause a flood of gays to leave the country. His reason? He feels everyone should have a gay friend around.

"Who will we turn to when we need a second class group of citizens to marginalize?" Colbert asked. "This mosque thing isn't going to last forever."