Jenna Fischer's "Sad Happy Sucker" At Lyric Hyperion Theater

08/18/2010 02:50 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Who: Jenna Fischer, actress on The Office.
What: Fischer tests out her producing skills with the play "Sad Happy Sucker"
When: Opening Friday, August 20.
Where: Lyric Hyperion Theater, 2106 Hyperion Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90027
How: Tickets start at $15
Why: "Sad Happy Sucker" is about anxiety and alienation, but don't expect to be dragged through the mud; anything that Jenna Fischer is involved in is sure to be adorable and hilarious. On KTLA, Fischer talks about painting the stage, setting up phone lines, and designing the play's website. She also promises that she'll be there every night to introduce the play! "Sad Happy Sucker" runs until October 10 and is directed by Sean Gunn, written by Lee Kirk, and stars Eddie Ebell and Lauri Johnson.


(From: KTLA)