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Joe Scarborough Takes On Newt Gingrich Mosque Comments: 'It's Deplorable, It Is Sick Politics' (VIDEO)

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"Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough has devoted much of his program's airtime so far this week to criticizing Newt Gingrich over the former House Speaker's recent comments regarding the proposed Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero.

On Saturday Gingrich called the proposed center a symbol of Muslim "triumphalism" and compared the construction of such a building to "putting a Nazi sign next to the Holocaust Museum." He repeated the Nazi analogy in an interview Monday morning on Fox News and referred to the project's organizers as "radical Islamists," a characterization that is demonstrably false.

The "Morning Joe" crew didn't take too kindly to Gingrich's words, and let him know in no uncertain terms. "This is madness," remarked Scarborough, a former Republican congressman from Florida. "There are elements of our party that are marching through the fevered swamps of ideology."

We've put together a highlight reel of Scarborough, along with frequent "Morning Joe" guests Mike Barnicle, Richard Haass, and Pat Buchanan (yes, even Pat Buchanan), sounding off against Gingrich over the course of the past three mornings.


Video produced by Ben Craw

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