Blake Lively Chides Ben Affleck For Turtleneck-Wearing Past

08/19/2010 01:01 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Blake Lively and Ben Affleck had a discussion for the September issue of Interview Magazine, and given Miss Lively's past fashion decisions and Mr. Affleck's self love, the conversation ultimately turned to personal style. In the excerpt below, Blake takes a dig at Ben for once wearing turtlenecks and Ben calls her a "fashion darling." Take a look:

AFFLECK: Well, that was the last question. I didn't get to some others I wanted to ask you, like, "Which day did you find yourself most impressed by me?"

LIVELY: Or am I happy that you don't wear cashmere turtlenecks anymore.

AFFLECK: Oh, Jesus Christ. I don't know what pictures you're looking at. How about: Would you work with me again? When your price is too expensive, can I hire you for scale? I want you to say it now so it's in a magazine.

LIVELY: Oh, gosh. You're so tacky! I told you already that I'd never work with you again. Jason Bourne maybe.

AFFLECK: Do you remember when you and I had worked together for months and we were wandering around in Boston and at one point I just randomly pointed to a place and said, "Matt Damon lived there." And you turned to me and were like, "What? You know Jason Bourne?" [Lively laughs]

LIVELY: Of course I'll work with you again.

AFFLECK: I'm going to introduce you to Jason Bourne so that you'll be grateful.

LIVELY: I'm already grateful.

AFFLECK: Now stop trolling the Internet looking for pictures of me and critiquing my wardrobe. Before I went to do this interview somebody said, "Blake is a fashion darling." All of us can't be fashion darlings, Blake.

LIVELY: Well, people like you make me fashionable, because if there is no wrong there can be no right.