Downtown LA Pub Crawl: What's Hot and What's Not in Downtown Bars

10/20/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES -- Working as an advertising executive, I've spent many an hour entertaining a client over drinks. I'm what you might call a professional regular when it comes to bars. Over the last two years that I've lived in Downtown, I've done enough drinking in the neighborhood to fill up a shoebox or two with receipts.

I have also always enjoyed checking out new spots, and that has resulted in a custom-crafted and ever-changing pub-crawl list for myself or visiting friends. Walking (or cabbing) from location to location is one of the best parts of drinking in DTLA so I highly recommend it.

Here I share with you the Cliffs Notes of what's on my list of places to go and places worth skipping. The list is ever-changing and with so many new nightlife options coming, it undoubtedly will continue to evolve: