James Dobson Announces Plan To Start A PAC

08/20/2010 03:57 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Former Focus on the Family CEO James Dobson announced on his radio show Thurdsay his intention to form a new political action committee (PAC) to "stand firm against the forces that are trying to bring Western Civilization down."

Dobson, who founded the conservative religious group Focus on the Family and acted as its CEO until 2003, severed ties with the organization earlier this year when he stopped broadcasting his radio show.

In Dobson's absence the organization has become less political and less confrontational. In an April interview with AOL, current Focus on the Family CEO Jim Daly questioned the wisdom of what he referred to as the "hard-edged" tactics employed by the religious right during the Dobson era.

"When you look back from a pro-life perspective, what were the gains there?" Daly wondered.

Focus on the Family also recently changed the name of its lobbying arm from Focus on the Family Action to CitizenLink in order to create a clearer distinction between the organization's ministry and its political operations.

Focus on the Family's tactical changes since Dobson's departure have led some to speculate that he was pushed out by the organization's board of directors.

Since his departure from Focus on the Family, Dobson has started his own radio show called Family Talk. He has been explicit in saying he doesn't view his program as a competitor to Focus on the Family.

On Thursday's program, Dobson made clear that he does not currently have the financial resources to start a PAC. He said an 501 (c) 4 political action committee will help Family Talk "do even more to address the moral and cultural issues confronting the family