08/23/2010 11:54 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Fort Collins Riot Arrests: Police Reviewing Video To Determine Whether Arrests Are Appropriate (VIDEO)

A a crowd of 400 became unruly Sunday night in the Bohemian Nights area of the NewWestFest in Fort Collins, triggering a response by the Fort Collins SWAT team.

The initial confrontation
started between two individuals in an Old Town Square bar at 1 a.m., then turned to a physical fight in the middle of the square. The crowd surrounding the individuals became aggressive and a riot ensued.

Police fired tear gas, though the crowd responded by throwing beer bottles, patio furniture, and other items at the police. The mob also set a festival vendor's tent on fire, broke windows, and damaged cars.

Two people were thrown through the window of a downtown shop and have been hospitalized.

Officials have issued a number of citations for disorderly conduct and/or fighting in public. Fort Collins Police are now reviewing video and officers' reports from the event to determine if more arrests are possible.

The Fort Collins riot was the largest disturbance the town has seen since 2004.