Candy Crowley Unlikely Journey To Sunday Morning Show Host

08/24/2010 08:38 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

There's no secret about what works on cable news these days. Flashy graphics and raised voices burst through the screen to jostle into our agitated, unfocused, Twitterized minds. Anchors are loud, beautiful and opinionated. They are celebrities, meticulously drawn on-air characters who may or may not bear a resemblance to their off-camera selves. Anderson the Great. Glenn of Conspiracyvilles. Rachel, Puckish and Left. They can present news, sure, but they're really here to provoke. Viewers should be fired up as much as informed. Guests will be either aggrandized or antagonized, based on party alignment and time slot. No segment can run more than a few quippy minutes, and everyone's blood pressure must rise.

And as the host of its Sunday morning talk show, a marquee program in a hyper-competitive hour, CNN picked Candy Crowley -- who embodies absolutely none of that formula.


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